Selection of exclusive locations, historic homes overlooking the sea or in the romantic Ligurian countryside


The choice of catering is never easy I will help you to select the one that perfectly reflects your tastes being always attentive to the budget you indicated

Coordinated Image and arrangements

Details make the difference ... the care of every single aspect and the creation of an event tailor-made will make your wedding unique and unforgettable for you and your guests


Where words don't come music arrives ... and the choice of perfect music is certainly one of the aspects most important to create the desired atmosphere


The florists I work with love their job and their love is inserted in each single creation


A small souvenir often meaningful for spouses, useful, romantic and increasingly supportive favors


Selection of travel agencies specialized in honeymoons and exclusive stores for home items to help your guests give you the perfect gift for you

di Sara Bardola - Via Majorana, 14/03 - 16166 Genova

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